Street Art Belgrade (SRB-ENG)


The book “Street Art Belgrade” presents the most comprehensive overview of street art in Belgrade, both stylistically and historically. From aphorisms and stencil art, to complex graphics solutions, letters and murals you can follow the graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade, which is becoming more and more vibrant. The book also contains quotes by some of the most active street artists: Artez, Junk, Rage, TKV, Lortek and Nikola. On 218 pages and with over 550 photographs, which the author Aleksandar Djordjevic made in the last six years, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the unique world of street art in Belgrade.

Languages: Serbian and English
Published: October 2016
Author: Aleksandar Djordjevic
Format: 218 pages, 21 cm x 26 cm, 800 g



A new book about street art and graffiti in Belgrade – “Street Art Belgrade”, made by photographer Aleksandar Djordjevic and published by Komshe is available, since October, in all major bookstores across Serbia. Walls have always been the perfect place for communication. The prehistoric hunter wasleaving his traces on a cave wall, and today we leave our traces on the walls of Facebook, Twitter and similar social networks. But today’s digital walls are missing one dimension – and that dimension gives the messages their magic.

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