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What is it like to live in Belgrade from a foreigner’s perspective? In these two volumes, Chris Farmer tells stories that will make you laugh and cry about life in the White City on the Danube.

Grumpy in Belgrade is a collection of assorted slice-of-life anecdotes as observed and undergone by one American living in Belgrade for many years. Grumpy in Belgrade contains original works as well as blogs, columns, and essays previously seen in Farmer’s column in daily newspaper Politika, B92 VIP Blog, and in several other newspapers and magazines in Belgrade.

Grumpy in Belgrade, the Prehistory is a collection of blogs and columns written during the crazy days of the late transition – between 2002 and 2005 – when everyone was writing a constitution and election day was a part of every week!

Languages: English
Published: 2017, 2018
Author: Chris Farmer
Format: 216 pages, 204 pages 21 cm x 13 cm


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