About Us

We are a publisher that has been lovingly crafting books in Belgrade since 2006. We have a passion for books and an expertise in bringing the creative visions of authors to life. You may have seen our travel guides or perhaps the beautiful Snippets of Serbia or our history of basketball – whatever your vision, we would want to hear from you, we love new ideas and meeting new people and we’ll even pay for the coffee 🙂

Sales and Marketing

If you would like to distribute or purchase a larger amount of our books you can contact our sales department. We can also provide additional services such as customized branding, gift packs and others.
Call us on tel. +381 63 448 241 or write us on info@komshe.com

Komshe d.o.o.

Vladetina 7
11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 323 88 94
E-mail: info@komshe.com
Sales and Marketing: +381 63 448 241
New Publications: +381 63 835 61 76

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Account No. 265-6050310001026-60
Tax number: 103548828
Company number: 17572407