Miš Cale i Šišmiš Lale


A rat, a bat and Savamala chat is a new illustrated book from the author Dušanka Komnenić. This book’s plot revolves around a universal theme of friendship, growing up, discovery and self-revelation, described through the camaraderie of rat Peppy and bat Lolo.

One day Peppy and Lolo meet under the Branko’s bridge and they each share their dreams to learn things they have no talent for. So, the rat wants to fly and the bat wishes he had paws to dig in the mud. Although seemingly impossible Peppy and Lolo show us that a good friend can help us make our dreams come true. They attest that finding and keeping good friends is one of the most important lessons in life.

This is a second book from the series about our neighbors who live within the number two tram line – Belgrade animals. With this book, the author walks us through the Savamala streets; by the Belgrade waterfront, by the old tram station, hotel Bristol and we end up stuck in the mud in Karadjordjeva street. This is a true Belgrade experience – every day is a new adventure.

A rat a bat and Savamala chat is a bilingual book – the story is read in Serbian and in English. Whether you are a native Belgrader or a visitor of the city, you fall in love with Peppy and Lolo as much as you fall in love with the always welcoming city of Belgrade.

Dusanka Komnenic is a visual artist, doctor of arts and a professor of graphic design, visual communication and photography. For most of her career Dusanka has communicated through paintings and photographs. Upon having her own son, she started creating children’s books, as a strong believer in the importance of early-in-life reading and education. Such children later develop into creative and free-thinking individuals, which is the ultimate beauty of life.




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