Grumpy in Belgrade – The Prehistory

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At a time when everything was just a little different…

“Pushing open the heavy bank doors. I was relieved to see that I was on time. There were approximately 67.3 people, one chicken, and police officer with a digital camera waiting in the line. Fortunately, I had thought to bring a few days’ worth of provisions with me so I could set up camp here until about Wednesday of next week. That should get me within shouting distance of the teller window.”

-Accounts Not Receivable

Taken from the annals of Chris Farmer’s earliest scribblings upon arriving in Belgrade in the Early Transition Era.

It was time of the Great Unknown in Belgrade. Inhabitants of the White City on the Danube hardly knew who was running the country or even what the country was called.

An American writer, having seen much in his travels, arrived in this period of confusion. Often unable to believe what he saw – and rarely able to see what he believed – the result was a collection of random observations and extrapolations. Generally wrong-footed, typically wrong-headed, and always a little grumpy.

Languages: English
Published: 2015
Author: Chris Farmer
Format: 204 pages, 13 cm x 22 cm, 400 g



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