Nikola Tesla

We are excited about Tesla, the graphic novel depicting Nikola Tesla’s life. It is a fully water-colored story and is being prepared by Daniele Meucci. We want to publish an English and a Serbian version in 2021 and have decided to embrace the crowdfunding process for the first time.

Our first Kickstarter campaign will begin in the first week of September. If you want to support us, and receive your edition of Tesla please leave us your contact details and we will let you know once the campaign begins.

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    Our artist, author and Tesla’s number one fan Daniele Meucci spent a number of years researching Telsa’s life. He decided that a fully water-colored graphic novel would be the best way to tell his story and to show his influence on our lives today. He created more than 100 beautiful pages, and, if you want to take a peek inside the book, have a look at the video below.