Discover Serbia

Rich with history, culture, and traditions, Serbia is a land of contradictions and contrasts, of beauty and fascination. As your guides for getting to know this phenomenal land, here are our top suggestions for you…

Our 350-page comprehensive country guide, should be your first stop! Replete with maps, directions, dozens of places to eat and places to sleep, as well as insightful historic and cultural information, Serbia in Your Hands, is among the most sought-after and updated travel guides to this enchanting and ever-changing country. Our highly specialized team of local experts will clear the way for you to uncover all the hidden beauty and delight of Serbia.

If you prefer to go your own way and discover the highways and bi-ways at your own pace, Hiking and Biking in Serbia is made for you. This informative and useful guide maps out 36 different routes for hiking and biking around the country, explored and tested by author Katharina Haberli Harker. In 250 illustrated pages, you will follow the routes that Katherina rode and hiked, learning about the areas, engaging with the people she met, and sampling the local cuisines.

Although Hiking and Biking in Serbia is filled with great topographic and navigational maps, you may just find it fun to get a little lost along the way in this beautiful and sometimes wild country. We know Katharina will always be able to help you get back on track when you want!

Once you have done all of this, or maybe even before you start you should get Snippets of Serbia. A book containing 200 lovingly created illustrations of Serbia by Emma Fick as she travelled, explored and taught throughout Serbia for a little over a year. Emma has managed to capture little snippets of Serbian culture that are occasionally weird, sometimes funny and often unique but mostly come so naturally to us that we dont notice them until a creative young American woman arrives and beautifully reflects them back at us. It is not always pretty bit is honest and true. This is one of our most loved books.