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Specializes in designing, producing and maintaining stunning landscapes. Demetra offers services in landscaping and horticulture according to the highest standards (exteriors, bio decoration, and interiors). Let the efficient and experienced team in love with nature work for you.

Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is a river island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, located in the Sava River’s course through central Belgrade. Over the past few decades, it was turned from an inaccessible marsh notorious as a place where official executions were held, into popular recreational zone.


Museum that collects, records, stores, regulates, examines and exposes the material from the history of the Serbian nation and Serbia since the earliest times to the present day.


“House of Flowers” was built in 1975. It was build as a winter garden with areas for work and rest of Josip Broz near the residence where he lived. It consists of three parts: a central – a flower garden, and a two parallel wide corridors on a sides. In the central part, following his personal wish, Tito was buried in 1980.


The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, Serbia is one of the oldest museums in the Balkans. It recently celebrated one hundred years since its establishment. It is a traditional culture museum and features many rugs and sticks of note.

Demetra RB

Specializes in designing, producing and maintaining stunning landscapes. Demetra offers services in landscaping and horticulture according to the highest standards (exteriors, bio decoration, and interiors). Let the efficient and experienced team in love with nature work for you.


Since 1952 it is possible to explore here the largest collection of Tesla’s personal items and original works. The role of this museum is to promote new research and to help us gain a better understanding of Tesla’s contribution to scientific development of the 19th and the 20th century.


The only regional institution of this kind dedicated to arts and culture of the African continent. It hopes to promote African art and spread ideas of multiculturalism and it does this by holding exhibitions, workshops and publishing printed works.


The National Library of Serbia is one of the oldest cultural institution in Serbia, founded in 1832. Its basic missions are preservation, presentation and promotion of the cultural heritage within the Country and abroad.


Exhibition “Holocaust in Serbia 1941-1944″ was held in the museum 25th May and depicts the tragedy experienced by Jewish people in World War II. You will find here photos, documents, video materials and objects which bear witness to the unimaginable suffering imposed on Jews in Serbia at that time.


It was established by the Education society in 1896 and has since aimed to preserve valuable material regarding the education of Serbs. The museum also hosts workshops , educational and thematic exibitions and collections of educational equipment which holds historical value. Pedagoski Museum can be found in Uzun Mirkova 14.


Kralja Petra St. connects with Smederevo’s town square where you will find cafes, bars and clubs. Each weekend this pedestrian zone is flooded by young people looking for fun and it also leads to the river Danube quay with many nightclubs, discos and rafts. Can you find your favourite places?


The museum aims to preserve technical and educational material existing in Serbia. A few decades worth of effort to create a science and technical museum succeeded on October 1989, upon the initiative of academic Aleksandar Despic.


Festival of science was organized for the fifth time in Belgrade under a slogan “Smart the mind up”. If you had the misfortune to miss this event now you have a unique opportunity to experience it through our virtual tour. You can also explore the innovative projects presented at the festival through many info-points available within the virtual tour.


One of the oldest parks in Belgrade, Topcider is located on the bank of the Topcider river and has for a 150 years been a favoured retreat. During Prince Milos Obrenovic’s rule, in the 1830s, a lodge which is now a museum was built as the central structure of this residential complex.


Located on a beautiful part of the Danube, Panta Rei is a restaurant where you can relax all your senses… A view of the river, great food, wine and an interesting ambient make Panta Rei a location where you always return, by yourself or with loved ones.


This bohemian square is a famous part of Belgrade where you can find its well known kafanas, great food, traditional spirit and live music. It was renovated to provide all the benefits of the 21st century but managed to keep its old charm. Not to be missed!


All big cities, like Rome, Paris and London, have their famous squares. Numerous tourists tread their plateaus every year. Belgrade has equally beautiful and interesting squares too. In some you’ll find famous buildings and monuments, or charming flower, fruit, art and honey vendors, and others are packed with cafes.


A magical restoran with an Italian charm, original tastes and irresistible menu on offer. Before you leave for Strahinjica Bana and Duomo, discover what awaits you there when you decide to enjoy Italian food, good wine, an inspiring terrace and this unique experience.


Another installment in our “Belgrade Walkthrough “ serial. This time we bring you St. Sava Square in Vracar. Here you will see a small church and the largest Orthodox temple in the Balkans, dedicated to St. Sava. In the same square as this religious object you will find the National Library of Serbia and Karadjordjev Park.


The Port of Belgrade with its extraordinary location on the river Sava’s right bank, right next to where it meets the Danube and the Kalemegdan Fortress forms a stunning setting as you sail into Belgrade.


Here at ZLab Media we are making good use of the fine summer weather to work. Our latest project is called the Belgrade Walkthrough as it allows you to walk through and explore the most famous and attractive parts of Belgrade. So, grab your mouse and let’s go for a walk!!!


DORIAN GRAY – It is with good reason that Dorian Grey gained its reputation for being one of the best restaurants of international cuisine in Belgrade. It attracts a variety of people of different sensibilities, but with one common interest – passion for great food and an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere.


This restaurant boasts an exceptional location and over a 100 years long tradition of unique appearance and atmosphere. Since the 19th century great tastes and manners have been maintained as the central tenet of Ruski Tsar


The National Assembly is the highest legislative body in Serbia. A foundation stone was laid by King Petar I Kradjordjevic in 1907 and the first parliamentary assembly took place in October 1936. The building contains many important documents and works of art.


The largest store of this famous global chain can be found on Knez Mihailova 14-16 and there you can find cosmetic products of the highest quality.


Founded in 1886 by decree of King Milan Obrenović the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science (SANU)is a leading research institution. SANU encompasses eight faculties and acts as an umbrella organisation for the majority of Serbia’s educational and research institutions.


Matica srpska is the oldest literary, cultural and research institution in Serbia. It was founded in 1826 in Pest, and now situated in Novi Sad. Its work focuses on towards promoting Serbian culture and education.


Šabačka Church belongs to the Šabac diocese established in 1831.The church is dedicated to apostles Petar and Pavle. It was founded in the 19th century and is under protection of the National Heritage Institution.


Krušedol, a settlement on Fruška Gora in Vojvodina. It is famous for the monastery of the same name, an endowment from Serbian despots Branković. It was built between 1509 – 1516 and many important figures from Serbian history are here.


This Orthodox temple of the Holy Trinity belongs to the Vranje diocese. Its construction was completed in 1859 and its impressive stature makes it the most significant historic monument in Vranje.


WOK MOOD – Asian fusion & noodle bar, is a first choice for fans of exotic Asian food. This modern interior, traditional food, quick and friendly service can be found on the second floor of Shopping Center “Ušće”.


City Center for Physical Culture, also known as the old DIF promotes programs that encourage and develop physical education for every age, interest and physical fitness.